Alpha Courses



St Mary’s Alpha

Alpha is an opportunity to explore life and faith in a questioning, friendly, open and informal environment. It is a series of interactive sessions that explores the basics of the Christian faith.

Our next Alpha course begins on Tuesday 17th April at St Mary’s church hall. It starts at 7.30pm, with a free supper at 8.00, followed by a DVD focussing on ‘Is there more to life than this?’ Afterwards there will be plenty of time to chat and discuss any issues arising – say as much or as little as you like! We will then meet every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm to share a meal and cover some of the big questions in life, such as ‘Who is Jesus’, ‘Why did Jesus die?’ and ‘Does God heal today?’ Please bring your big questions along too!

If you are interested in knowing more or joining our next course, contact the Parish Office Tel: 01372 375000 and leave your details so that we can get in touch. Alternatively, email for more information.

We look forward to you joining us!