Call to Prayer 9 May 2020

To sign up for your half hour time slot (or more if you wish) go to or contact

Of course you are encouraged to pray at any time, whether or not you have committed to this Saturday.

Here is some helpful guidance to use for prayer:

  • Start with some silence, focusing on the greatness of God
  • Thank God for good things in your life
  • Don`t feel you have to talk non-stop – sitting in God`s presence is prayer too!
  • Enjoy reading a Psalm out loud, may be 46, or 91 or any other

Perhaps pray for:

  • Healing of different kinds
  • Restore various losses
  • Unity and love in families, neighbourhood, nations…..
  • Thy Kingdom come
  • Revive us again

Search the internet for “prayers for corona virus” and then choose.

24/7 Prayer International  has a guide how to use one hour

Most of all: KNOW that God hears every prayer, spoken or “felt” in our hearts!!