Church Hall

St Mary’s Church Hall (Annexe) is currently unavailable for hire due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and advise from the Government and Church of England.

We have taken the opportunity during the pandemic to refit our entranceway and toilets and now have a proper disabled toilet available for use.  While we are excited about the prospect of being open again, in the past weeks we have been reviewing how to safely reopen our Church and facilities and have undertaken various risk assessments.

As a result, our leadership has agreed that we still need to do more to enhance and test our risk management procedures before we feel we can safely reopen to external users of our Church hall.  In the next months we will be trialling use of the hall by a limited number of Church groups so that we can see how our arrangements work in practice.  When we are confident that our risk management is satisfactory, we will reopen with some additional procedures and, most likely, restrictions in place.  Of these, it seems inevitable that we will need to restrict group sizes to ca. 20 and put some of our storage rooms, creche and stage out of use.

We will endeavour to make you aware as soon as possible of a plan to reopen.  In the meantime, please do let our Parish Office know of any further questions you have.


Please revisit us in the future…

Contact the Parish Office by Email below or Tel: 01372 375000

The Church Hall
The Church Hall