As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the usual monthly Home-made Stall is currently suspended. The need for financial support in Nairobi’s informal settlements has not gone away; with no infrastructure, overcrowding, little access to sanitation and clean water, poverty and poor access to medical care, the situation is far more perilous.

If anyone would like a delivery of flapjacks, marmalade, or possibly seedlings, in return for a small donation towards the work of CUM, do ask Sarah Mackay (

Brian Egles ( is also still providing second-hand books, which can be viewed on line, and purchased, to benefit the Schools of Hope (Homework Clubs) :  Use your enlarging tool to see the titles or puzzles.  

Simon Peter Wiati, Director of CUM has been arranging, with the local churches, for hundreds of food parcels to be delivered to some of the most needy families in Kibera and the other informal settlements across Nairobi.  Do tune in via Zoom, to the service on Sundays, or coffee thereafter; Simon Peter often joins us and will be interviewed during one of the services.


Loving Service

Link with the Church Mission Society and Nairobi’s Informal Settlements

St. Mary’s has been supporting the Church Mission Society (CMS) for 20 years. This was originally supporting mission partners, Colin & Anita Smith for their 14 years of mission work in Nairobi. Colin was working in Nairobi’s slums and Anita predominantly at All Saints Cathedral and with the ex-pat community.

Colin and Anita returned to continue their ministries in England in 2013, with Colin now Director of Mission Training at CMS headquarters in Oxford and Anita is vicar of a small church in Banbury. We continue to support Colin indirectly through our continued giving to CMS.

During the 14 years Colin & Anita were in Nairobi, St. Mary’s built up a close relationship with those Colin was working with in the informal settlements, particularly a small parish in the largest slum, Kibera, called St. Jerome. Whilst there, Colin set up and directed Centre for Urban Mission (CUM), which set up training and support for urban ministry, working to set up some formal training for pastors in the slums and also introducing the idea of holistic ministry, trying to improve the lives of those living in the slums, by economic empowerment, supporting HIV sufferers, setting up apprenticeship schemes for teenagers, and homework clubs, where children could have access each evening to school books and electric lighting and teaching support; education is highly valued and seen as the way to escape slum life, so the homework clubs have been a huge success.

Over the past few years Revd Captain Barrack Oluoch from CUM and Church Army Africa and Nancy Njagi, director CUM, have visited and preached at St. Mary’s. The Mackay family has been lucky enough to visit Nairobi three times and to see first-hand the tremendous work that CUM is carrying out, and also to be aware of the huge need that CUM is only scratching the surface of.

Since Colin & Anita left Nairobi, we at St. Mary’s have continued to support this absolutely vital ministry at CUM and we are the main financial supporter of CUM’s Samaritan Strategy. We are able to ensure that every single penny raised goes directly to CUM, through an English charity AMADET.

At St. Mary’s we run a monthly home-made stall, on the first Sunday of every month, (except for January and August) and for the last two years we have raised £1,500; this goes solely towards the homework clubs and the training of apprentices. Additionally, a monthly second-hand book stall raises more money to buy books for the homework clubs. We also run fund raisers from time to time, such as a harvest dinner, or a singsong. Do come along to the hall on the first Sunday morning of the month to see. We will be very glad to receive any home-made contributions, such as cakes, jams, marmalade, greetings cards, garden produce, knitted and embroidered crafts and don’t forget your wallets!

Need further information? Do ask Sarah Mackay or email her on


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