St Mary’s is a Fairtrade Church. This means that the congregation support the principle of Fairtrade and that we are committed to serve Fairtrade coffee, tea & sugar when refreshments are offered after services or by Church groups.

We also hold a Traidcraft stall after the 9.30 service and the Family Service on the first Sunday of each month, selling a range of Fairtrade food items and beautiful cards, made by a women’s co-operative in Kibera. Copies of the current Traidcraft catalogue are available in the Church Annexe to take home.

To find out more about Traidcraft or to visit its on-line shop, see the Traidcraft website

Update on Fairtrade stall and a big Thank You

During the 2017 pre-Christmas period we sold nearly £700 worth of Fairtrade goods, particularly due to the popularity of the Traidcraft Christmas cards, Christmas gifts and the Real Chocolate Advent Calendars.  We are really grateful to the St Marys family for this generous support for the relief of poverty in the developing world.  Our trading policies in Britain are very uncertain at present, but the need to help poorer farmers and producers across the world to be able to sell their goods has never been greater.

At St Marys our stall runs alongside the Homemade stall and Bookstall and all raise money through the items they sell as part of St Mary’s outreach work.  If you wonder why it is important to buy Fairtrade goods from our Traidcraft stall as well as from the supermarkets please pick up a leaflet from the stall on February 4th.

Liz, Meg & Sheila