Loving Service

31 July 2020 Foodbank update: 

The home delivery service has been running for about 17 weeks.  On the basis that there have been an average 100 deliveries per week, that is 1700 home deliveries.  It also means that the packers have packed, at the very least, 6800 boxes plus numerous carrier bags. That is some achievement. There are now a team of drivers who know the local area better than they ever thought they would, and a team of packers with toned muscles they never knew they had!  Food stocks are good and donations continue from the local community.  Last week they made 102 deliveries and fed about 267 people.  This is an increase over the last few weeks and probably due to the support offered to school families who would normally benefit from free school meals.

Keep your donations coming!  Julie will be heading over to Ewell next week.  To find out what food is on their wish list or go to their website: Donate Food

Karen Jordan – 115 Cobham Road, KT22 9HX   :   Julie Partridge – 17 Richmond Way, KT22 9NP.