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Sadly, during the current COVID 19 crisis, funerals may now only happen at the crematorium or at the graveside, as the church building is closed. Only immediate family members may attend (if the crematorium allows) – that is, the spouse or partner, parents and children, who are to keep their distance in the prescribed way. These restrictions are also true for the burial of ashes. No wake or gathering should be held following the funeral, which should be scheduled for a later date.

We recognise how difficult this will be for many and add to the pain of a loss, and so encourage you to discuss with us the possibility of a memorial service in church at a date in the future where more people can be present.

For more information please consult the “Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for churches” published by the Church of England.

Under Normal Circumstances: For all funeral enquiries please contact Karen Jordan, our Parish Administrator, Tel: 01372 375000 or email. Karen will liaise with you, the Licensed Minister and your chosen Funeral Director to agree on a suitable date and time. The service may take place in the church or at the crematorium chapel at Randall’s Park.