Knowing Jesus Team

Knowing Jesus is about strengthening our relationship with God, through our saviour Jesus Christ, empowered by the bible and enabled by individual and communal prayer. This team is led by: TBC


Everyone involved in this team is helping us be a Church family which works together on what is most important: knowing Jesus.  We want to make our Church services as welcoming, worshipful and helpful as possible.  We aim to make scripture relevant in our lives and put Jesus in the centre of what we do.  We encourage people to worship and pray in many ways (not just on Sunday!) and we support each other in our journey of discipleship (learning and following Jesus’ teachings). 


This team does many things and we hope there is something for everyone who wants to come to know Jesus better. 


This ranges from a small commitment (e.g. reading a lesson or welcoming people once every few months) to planning and leading services, bible study and prayer which may be more frequent.  Of course, you can tailor your involvement to what you can manage, and which services you prefer to attend.


If you attend Church on Sunday and would like to help out by joining a rota, hosting a small group, using your musical or public speaking skills then please contact the leaders listed below.

Leading worship

Contact(s) Phone email
TBC 01372 375000
We are blessed to have a large number of our Church family who have become, or are in training as, ministers and leaders of our various services.  This includes service planning and leadership of worship, preaching and prayer.  We would be delighted if still more would bring their talents to help lead worship in existing services and new formats.


Contact(s) Phone email
Joan Marr (Choir)

Brigitte Furze (Band)

01372 377580

01372 375655

Music is a wonderful expression of our worship and we have a range of styles to suit different tastes.  All singers and musicians will be most welcome to get involved in our choir and worship band.

Welcoming and Sidesmen

Contact(s) Phone email
Sally Gayton

(9.30 Welcome team)

01372 459568
Yo Delugar

(0930 Sidesmen)

01372 457761


Jacky Breadmore (Thurs morning) 01372 602092



(11.15 welcome team)

We are so thankful for the warmth of the fellowship in our Church family.  Creating a welcoming atmosphere at our services is essential and we rely on our welcome team and Sidesmen to warmly welcome and help get settled in all the people who come to our Church services.

Bible readings

Contact(s) Phone Email
Karen Jordan 01372 375000
Hearing and understanding scripture are an essential part of our faith.  We encourage all those who are willing to read scripture at our services.

 Bible study

Contact(s) Phone email
Mary King

Anita Hunt

01372 376038

01372 374103

Everyone in the Church family is encouraged to study scripture and often it is helpful to use study notes as part of a schedule of daily readings.

 Small groups

Contact(s) Phone email
TBC 01372 375000
Participation in small groups which support members on their faith journey is a great indicator of the spiritual health of our Church.  We are hugely grateful for all those who host home groups and other small groups and always welcome those who wish to participate in and/or lead a home group or other small group for those who share interests.


Contact(s) Phone email
Karen Jordan 01372 375000
Intercessions (or prayers) are a central part of all our Church services.  We encourage all those who are willing to join the team in preparing and leading our prayers from time to time.

Communion Assistants

Contact(s) Phone email
Karen Jordan 01372 375000
The sharing of communion is a valued part of being Church.  As our Church grows, having more people who are trained to serve as Communion Assistants is very helpful and anyone interested in doing this is most welcome to get in touch about being trained.

Prayer ministry

Contact(s) Phone email
TBC 01372 375000
Prayer is one of the most important things we can do as Christians.  Whether this is prayer on your own, prayer with one or two others, listening prayer, or corporate prayer as in our weekly prayer meetings, all this is fundamental to our faith.  We are looking to further develop our prayer ministry team here at St Mary’s, offering prayer at our Sunday services and in our small groups.  To be part of this team you will need to attend a prayer ministry training day.