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New to St Mary’s?

Inclusion & accessibility


Disabled parking available in front of lych gate.

Path from lych gate to church is in flag stones – take care when using crutches if wet / in leaf fall season; path is straight but the middle is poorly lit after dark.

Wheelchairs accessible via main entrance to nave and side chapel.

Communion can be brought to where you are sitting – please ask if required

Audio loop sound system available which uses telecoils setting.

No toilets in church but the church hall is open during Sunday services for toilets.

Large print service book available for Common Worship for 9:30am service and Book of Common Prayer services for 8am service.

Sorry, we do not provide a signing service.

Sunday 11.15 informal service:
people welcome to move around which may be the most convenient service if stillness is difficult.

Other needs:
please discuss requirements with welcomers at the door when you arrive or contact office in advance.

Church Hall (Annexe)

Disabled parking available Disabled parking bay by side door.

Wheelchairs accessible via side door(may have to ask for door to be opened).

Audio loop sound system available which uses telecoils setting.

Disabled toilet is available.

NHS hearing aid batteries and general maintenance are available on the 3rd Thursday of month; this facility is provided in the church hall, following the 10am service on that day (the service being in the church).

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