Sermon Archive – 2011

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Notes on the Sermons (if available) can be found in Resources.

Rev Paul Boughton’s sermon on Advent 12 December 2011

Rt Rev’d Ian Brackley, Bishop of Dorking sermon on 4 December 2011

Richard Furze’s Sermon on Suffering 16 October 2011 (Hot Potatoes Series)

Roger McKinlay’s Sermon on Why is Jesus Special 23 October 2011 (Hot Potatoes Series)

Marion de Quidt on Creation or Evolution 30 October 2011 (Hot Potato Series)

Chris Bacon’s Sermon on Has Science made Religion Redundant 6 November 2011 (Hot Potatoes series)

Paul Boughton’s Sermon on I have My Doubts 13 November 2011 (Hot Potatoes series)

Peter Jeffrey’s sermon on “Dont leave it to mum”; Bringing Up Teenagers.  20-11-11. Peter is a representative from Urban Saints formally known as Crusaders. 

Marion de Quidt’s Back to Church Sunday sermon

Liz Boughton’s Sermon on Curates 5 June 2011