Sharing Faith Team

Sharing Faith is about communicating our faith with our Church family, and others we meet each day. This team is led by Corinne Braid.


Everyone involved in this team is helping us with ministry to our communities, with a particular focus on families so that we can encourage more people to know and love Jesus.  This is an essential part of our Church life and something we must be effective at if we are to grow our Church numerically and spiritually in the future.


We currently have teams that are focused on ministry to children, young people, women and men.   There are many ways to get involved.  No matter if you are most comfortable with children, young people, mums or dads, the elderly (or all together) then we have a team that you can join.


Anything from helping at a weekly youth club drop in or a Sunday service such as Activ8 for children up to Year 6 (on a rota!) to supporting a quarterly breakfast meeting.


If you would like to help out by joining a rota and/or planning and leading aspects of our ministry get in touch with the leaders below.

Alpha Courses

Contact(s) Phone email
Julie Partridge 01372 375000
Alpha courses are an excellent way for us to provide outreach for those who are asking questions about faith.  We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view.  We run courses regularly and would welcome anyone who would like to help lead or participate in these..

Children’s Ministry

Contact(s) Phone email
Pam Egles 01372 383143
Our groups and activities for children include Activ8 and Gener8, Footprints and Holiday Clubs.  These help develop faith from an early age and also provide a safe and fun environment for children.  There is always room for extra pairs of hands!

Families’ Ministry

Contact(s) Phone email
Corinne Braid 01372 800885
Supporting our families joining our Church family.

Men’s Ministry

Contact(s) Phone Email
Andy Phillips 01372 375000
Andy Delugar (Socials) 01372 457761
Brian Egles (Socials) 01372 383143
Martin David (Who Let The Dad’s Out) 07563 552246
Richard Furze (Faith and Prayer) 01372 375655
Andy Black 07787 536680
Men’s ministry is developing in a new phase in which we are trying several new things to increase the engagement of men around the Church. These include Who Let The Dad’s Out (Saturday morning bacon butties and activities for dads and kids), Men’s breakfasts (shared with our Deanery), faith discussions, socials and golf.

Women’s Ministry

Contact(s) Phone email
Position available 01372 375000
Our women’s ministry is very active as exemplified by an extremely successful quarterly women’s breakfast.  We also have a small group for women on Friday’s called FM Life.  Please do offer to get involved in organising these and other activities.

Youth Ministry

Contact(s) Phone email
Nathan Ghinn 07305 583686
Our engagement of young people, and the activities and support we provide is developing rapidly at St Mary’s.  Activities include schools’ ministry, a drop-in club, mid-week youth group, residential events and mentoring.  We’d love more people to be involved so we can offer more.